Multi Champion Dwayne!

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Dwayne- Ch Youandi Grand Cru- did it again! He gained another title: Italian Champion!!! Some titles are ' easy to get', and some are really hard work... like UK, French and Italian champion titles are not easy and need hard work and high quality to get it... Dwayne did it!!!

He won the Italian title in style by 3x Best of Breed, 1x BOS and 2x BOG2 & 1 BOG3... My boy Dwayne... what a dog!!


not sure - but surely somebody will correct me if I'm wrong- Dwayne is the FIRST OES who won these 3 titles on top of the other he already gained. And this makes a picture like this :-)

My boy.. my Dwayne... I love him so much because of his personality. He is the best dog for family, company, work, show and fun. 


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