Luxembourg 2017

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Floyd is Luxembourg Champion!

The best reward for a breeder is to have the best owners... and I'm such a lucky breeder!

Floyd, aka Ch Youandi Alive and Kicking, left my home exactly 3 years ago as a 16 weeks old baby.. handed over during my holidays in UK to his new owners Orla & Anette Cahill who came from Ireland to take " my baby" home. I needed a lot of tissues... but this is a fact of life for a breeder.

Last weekend I saw & hugged my boy again after a long time! (of course I got mails and pictures, and Facebook is a fantastic way to keep in touch about his maturing and show results) And now, Orla and her dad drove 2 days by car to come over for this dogshow... and as icing on the cake, they asked me to handle Floyd at the IDS Luxembourg.

Floyd made us proud by winning res.CAC & res CACIB in Champion Class, and finished the Luxembourg Champion title!*

I travelled to Luxembourg with the family to support Orla & friends, and entered Dior for fun. Dior was the only minor baby and impressed the judge with her temperament & conformation. Afterwards she made a perfect presence in the main ring, and she made me so proud!!  

Orla didn't travel alone, she also brought her lovely girl Demi, aka Jr Ch Youandi Out Of Your League. She competed to 3 girls in her class, but apparently the stress of traveling, hotels, show broke her up and during the last round of showing movement she just gave up. Stuborn like a true OES... she did not wanted it anymore, so no more steps to take! So no number 1... but 2nd place. No problem.. Demi needed an extra cuddle and she did so well for a 14 months junior!! 

The weekend was overrulled by joy and friendshop all over!!! We had so much fun on Friday evening during the "non"BBQ with OES- & Non-OES people at the motorhome parking. Of course we had a good time with these OES friends on Saturday too: We cheered & celebrated our winnings! Afterwards we had a fantastic dinner at the Italian restaurant with the 'multi breed & multi country friends' ...this dinner we will never forget... hahahahaha! and for sure, this is what dogshows is all about: Friendship & Fun! 

On Sunday I had the honor to handle a beautiful Bull Mastiff in Jr Class (for the first time in my life!)

Ruby and I met at ring craft some weeks ago, and we had a match... so I took the challenge to show her!We did quitte well and finished at 2xc... :-)

I'm so proud of Ruby aka 'Breaking Dawn is Dvariskui'






*subject to confirmations UCH

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