Arezzo 2017

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Dwayne won CAC at Raduno in Italy

foto van Inge van Engelen.

12-03-2017, CACIB- Raduno show Arezzo, Judge Mrs Lisbeth Mach (Swiss)

For the Italian Champion title, dogs need to win at least 2 CAC's from a "Raduno show" (specialty show) These are the most difficult to win, and Dwayne did it!

It's quite a travel from Holland to Italy. Sometimes we can combine it in a holiday, or we just drive up and down in 1 weekend. Crazy? Yes Crazy... but fun! 

This last weekend we could combine it with a visit to Dwayne's kids. The babies are 3 weeks old now, and were born in Mesola (near Venice) So it was a great opportunity to hug the puppies and win last -mandetory- Raduno CAC for the title.  

We need 2 more CAC's.... and will plan a nice trip this summer to 'Bella Italia' to add this new title to Dwayne's CV. 

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