Time pups; week 3

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"Time pups" week 3; color my world

3 weeks old, and all eyes are open and we can see the color now. I expected to see many blue, but only 2 boys have a wall-eye. All others have 2 brown eyes.

most pictures are about... sleeping puppies. But my goodness, they are so cute!!! 

They eat 2 meals a day now, and we will do some more and frequent meals in the next few days.

We achieved the milestone for Mini-man: 1 kilo!! he is my BIG hero and he is such a stong puppy, catching up with the big brothers and sisters.


In the mean time, the puppies moved to some extra space in the puppy pen, so they can have some more excercise and toys to learn and explore the world. 

We'll go outdoors next days... so follow us on our Youandi page at FB for news and films! 


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