Time pups; week 2

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"Time pups" 2 weeks old. Hello world!


De "time" puppy's are 2 weeks old. The eyes are open and they start to hear.. and respond! They even start to get on their feet and become more cute every day. 

Brechtje does a great job nursing them, and I help her twice a dayto give them extra food. (raw meat mixed with fat puppy milk) They like it, and I see great progress in the weights. As usual, I make notes of the daily measurement in excel... and so funny to see it in a grafic :-)


I'm back to work since last Monday, and although I can work from home... it's hard to combine all activities with a lack of normal sleep and rest. I still need to help Brechtje twice a night when she wants to nurse her babies. They are so fast, running around... so she can't lay down without some help. But I'm happy to do this together with her. We are a great team!

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